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Crazy About Audio , Love to listen to your favorite tracks with clarity and precision like never before. Hear every detail and instrument seperation like never before. Reduce Road noise and feel undisturbed.


We strive in making your daily commute or the long drives a pleasurable and soothing one.

Premium Head Unit Brands:  JVC Kenwood, Pioneer , Clarion & Sony

Premium Speaker & Amplifer Brands : Rainbow, Dynaudio, Focal, PHD Audiophile Speaker Systems, DLS Sweden , Audiocontrol

Acoustic Treatment Solutions : STP Standartplast , Dr Artek


We exclusively work on appointment basis and our team with years of experience will help offer a personalized bespoke solution that meets the varying budgetary requirements and application challenges of the custom automotive enthusiasts.


Important Consideration and Quality Assurance Policy

STEP 1: Preliminary Appointment and Discussion

STEP 2: Step by Step product installation plan will be made based on client requirements.

STEP 3: System Limitation and Expected Outcome Discussion

STEP 4 : Installation : A minimum of 8 Hours is set aside to 12 Hours for a vehicle.

STEP 5 : Calibration, Tuning and Testing

We pride ourselves in professional installation.  Using high quality interconnects and wires along with power wiring ensures that vehicle safety is not compromised.

 BUILD 1.8

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