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This section is designed to help vistors and existing clients to understand some of our operational procedures and policies. These have been designed and enforced to ensure world class service , support and after sales care.


Do You Sell Genuine Products


As a company policy and core belief Ansons Traders does not sell Non Genuine / Replica Products / Fake or Second Quality Products.


We believe in a Quality Without Compromise Policy and we take great pride in delivering the very best quality products to our clients.


Ordering , Payments , Delivering 


At Ansons Traders we have introduced a simple and easy IODC Process (INQUIRE,ORDER,DEPOSIT,CONFIRMATION).


All products are sold directly through us or our select partners. We will always provide a company E Invoice / Printed Invoice which will mention Value of Bill, Deposit Amount and Delivery Period. All company information and payment details are also present on the invoice document. 


Under No Circumstances will goods be sold without proper invoicing and once goods order confirmation is made there are no re fundable deposits. 



Installation of Products


As our company represents some of the Worlds Leading Brands we take installation very seriously. After careful selection and training our team and partnered companies are geared to serve our clients.


For Handling Solutions , Suspension, Brakes, Audio Systems and Application of Technical Products we undertake responsibility. 




As we are at the forefront of providing vehicle handling and safety solutions.  Strut Bars, Sway Bars, Anti Roll Bars , Tires ,Suspension and Springs, Spacers , Brake Pads and Rotor Disks along with other critical components of the vehilce are responsible for our clients safety and we take the sale and installation of these products very seriously.


Parts must be Chassis Matched, Perfectly Suited for the Application and Installed properly to ensure that no compromise is present.


We undertake or oversee the installation of most of these product when neccessary or only allow for instalaltion by DIY Veterans. 




Audio , Music and the Repoduction of Sound is a very complicated and sensitive matter. Many Clients have subjective taste, their own theories on what the ideal sound is brand preferences.


We work with some of the worlds finest Car Audio and Home Audio Brands that are not not commonly heard of in terms of mass market advertising.


How ever in terms of Audio Performance and Reporoduction Accuracy they will blow almost any enthusiasts mind away.


To learn more about what system and setup is suitable for your vehicle or home and how a system can be built at different price points, we strongly suggest scheduling or making an appointment with us.


We take Audio Very Seriously and are ever ready to help educate our clients on what is most suited for them. 




For Consumable items like care care and other items we provide basic training and advanced demonstration and training upon request. Additionally full phone support during office hours to ensure our clients can benifit and enjoy our products.

In general all products are designed for specific purpose and have been sold after careful testing and evaluation for use in the Sri Lankan Market.  


The Nature of Care products is such that they are consumables and when exposed to a wide vairety of environmental factors and variations in storage conditions may ccontamination or damage to our products.


On the very rare occasion where our product fails to satify the stated requirements and do not fullfill the intended purpose : A complaint can be made via email or phone and the case will be assed and a replacement product of the same value will be provided. 

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