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GLADEN AERO SPACE and ZERO LINE Speakers from Germany are in a league of their own and are for serious audiophile applicaitons


Gladen Aero Dampening Products with advanced materials are designed to provide acoustic dampening, decoupling and sound isolation for automotive applications 


Demanding music lovers beware! The Germanium-Line is a dynamic series of our products. Heavy-duty components with very good audiophile performance. So who always wants something more of everything will find it here. Here you see (hear) no SPL system without gloss and subtlety. This is an elite athlete with exceptional talent to sound good.




  • Aluminum die-cast housing with lead through loudspeaker cables

  • Ventilated, ferrofluid free magnet system and an acoustic volume makes a deep resonance frequency possible

  • Dome tweeter with hand sound-coated silk offers an audiophile sound reproduction

  • Magnet back plate with 12-way drilled holes connects the tweeter with the tuned acoustic volume

  • Advanced ventilation engineering

  • Optimized protection grill with hexagon punched holes


  • Phase corrected 2x 12 dB crossover with adjustable crossover point for woofer and tweeter

  • High quality Mundorf capacitors in upper frequency range offer a soft voice reproduction

  • Large, low-resistance air coils

  • Low noise MOX resistors with machined aluminium heatsinks

  • 5 steps attenuation for the tweeter

  • PTC tweeter protection + HALO


  • Balckened aluminum-paper cone
  • Double M-surround with large excursion
  • Low resonance aluminum die-cast basekt with maximal airflow
  • Palladium-plated screw terminals
  • Special shaped anti resonance dust cap
  • Extensive ventilation and cooling of dust cap, magnet motor, air gap,
    as well as spider

 BUILD 1.8

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