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Over the years we have built strong relationship with our clients who are now part of our loyal client base. Some project photos of the many enthusiasts vehicles we have worked with in Sri Lanka have been attached below.



Great and friendly service, which is always customer oriented and tailored to the needs of the client. Whether it be a bottle of glass cleaner or a full Ultra Racing kit, professionalism is employed at all times.

Sam Smith - Auto Lanka , Motor Magazine , Torque and Throttle Magazine

Great Service

Kumar Melvani, Director at My Deal


Excellent customer service. I knew nothing about tires but now feel like I have some sort of diploma in them. Got a full understanding of what my options were and the benefits of each. Overall they spent about an hour with me before I made a decision, this was after sending me quotes for all the brands with detailed pros and cons of each.The product selected was top quality, went out of their way to make sure I understood what I was getting for my money. Follow up call after a week just to make sure things were still good was a nice touch. Well done Ultra Racing, keep it up!

Pravin Pieris,


Amazing Selection of Products & Customer Service...

Tariq Miflal, Director at Lumala


Very good customer understanding with quality service

Sujeevan Srikanthan, Solar Energy Consultant


“Focal KRX2 Perfection....

In comparison to my previous setup the Focal Flax, Theres is not an accurate word to describe the KRX2 speakers.... It's just mind blowing... 

One things you'll notice off the bat, they are extremely accurate and clear. I have notice certain sounds that I could never hear befor on the same tracks I have always listened to. Individual plucking of strings, the snap from the snare drum, the kicks from the percussions, the slightest slips of fingers on the strings, the artist taking a quick breath, even the brushing of cymbals come out extremely detailed. They are so acurate and so clean, you will be able to pick up where the audio masters made their mistakes. The woofer is pretty darn bassy and blends in perfectly with the tweeter. The tweeter is not overly exaggerated or too bright. It's sounds the way a true artist intended it to sound. It seems to have a much broader response range than the previous tweeter on the Focal Flax and really shows in highly instrumental music. There is no listening fatigue. I'm am thoroughly impressed in all categories. If you thought other premium speakers of a lower class sound great, as I did, your ears will open up and grin when you hear these Focals. Don't get me wrong, the Focal Flax sounded awesome as well, but if you're like me and want to take your music to the next level, I suggest upgrading to one of these. These components are truly a magnificent work of art. Thank you Abbas & Haren for this...”

AJ Jahangir, Information Technology Consultant 



There is more to it than, just popping in to a random shop and getting all that you need, they take the cash and no one cares. But here at ULTRA RACE lt's different, you only get what is really needed for your car lol..!! Expert advice technical support and the amount of effort put in by these people, is too good and too professional, you can read million reviews but why not give it a shot, they hand the car with care and I'm satisfied caz that's the reason I'm writing such a big review on the page ..!!! Cheers and thanks guys

Prasad Thayanandan, Pilot in Training  



Really nice people. Very good customer service. I would recommend all you people to go to ultra racing for any issues with your vehicle.

Thushant Pillai


Superb customer service. It just took few hours to place the order and get my break pads installed. Love the vilita product that I bought.. Will be coming to buy some more.

Asitha Etipola,  Dialog Axiata PLC



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