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Passionate about your 4 x 4 Vehicle and love to have better handling performance and comfort on the road and when going off road.


A comprehensive product range with unmatched support and warranty the Raw 4 x 4 Products from Power Down Australia Deliver Bucket Loads of Performance . Predator Range Products are Backed by a 2 Year or 200,000 Km Warranty (Which Ever Comes First) on Sri Lankan Road Conditions.

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The all new RAW Predator shock absorber range are manufactured in Australia based on a fast acting monotube design, incorporating a unique variable flow piston to reduce body roll and rapidly respond to the terrain ahead.


The Predator series has been specifically designed for the 4x4 owner who is looking for that sometimes elusive combination of comfort and control. The design of the Predator is one of the most efficient heat dissipating shock absorber designs due to the single wall construction resulting in consistent performance on & off road with sharper steering response, less body roll and improved traction.




Application Chart of the Raw 4 x 4 Predator Range that is manufactured in Australia. Click Thumbnail to Expand Information


RAW 4x4 Nitro Max is the heavy weight contender of our shock absorber range. Specifically designed for heavy coil sprung and torsion bar vehicles, Nitro Max uses a proven truck shock absorber design with highly tuned valving for 4 x 4 applications.

With a massive 70 mm body and a nitrogen gas cell in the outer tube, Raw 4x4 Nitro Max will significantly reduce the effects of shock absorber fade on the most punishing of corrugated dirt roads.


Features include:

  • Large 41 mm bore size 

  • Nitrogen gas cell to eliminate aeration inside the shock absorber

  • High temperature oil to maintain viscosity under hard working conditions

  • Multi lip Viton seal to retain oil at temperatures up to 240°c

  • Polyurethane bushes 

  • One piece eye rings & 360° welds on all fitting


RAW Nitro is a heavy duty gas shock absorber that will improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing vehicle stability. Combining an expanded body for extra oil capacity and nitrogen gas for additional cooling purposes. RAW Nitro shock absorbers will outlast many of its well known rivals at a competitive price.

Features include: 


  • Large 35 mm bore size
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas to eliminate shock absorber fade
  • Expanded body for extra oil capacity
  • Hi-Temperature multi lip HNBR seal & oil
  • Re coil cut off to avoid internal shock absorber damage
  • Hardened polished chrome rod


When traveling off road over long distances load bearing accessories such as a bull bar, winch and a long range fuel tank are essential pieces of equipment for you to return home safely. All of these types of accessories add weight to the vehicle, where the original equipment coils were never designed to carry this type of weight.
A set of RAW 4x4 coil springs will significantly improve the ability of your 4x4 to carry this additional weight whilst enhancing the vehicles performance in terms of stability, load carrying and towing capabilities.

RAW 4x4 springs have been manufactured using the following high quality processes:


  • Formed on precision mandrels

  • State of the art heat treatment

  • Shot peened 

  • Fully scragged and load tested

  • Powder coated finish

By matching your coil springs with a set of Raw 4x4 shock absorbers, you gain the advantage of having a fully integrated suspension system.


Leaf springs not only support the weight of your vehicle but position the vehicles axle and act as a torque rod to stop “axle wrap” upon acceleration.  It is important that you choose a leaf spring that is suitable for your application.
Raw 4x4 leaf springs have been designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4x4 whilst increasing your ride height, improving overall suspension travel.

Made from high quality steel, RAW 4x4 springs include the following features:


  • Military Wrapped Eyes for extra safety in the instance of a main leaf breaking

  • Drawn tapered & diamond cut leaves to aid in load distribution over a larger surface area

  • Scrag testing ensures the spring takes a permanent set, reducing the chances of the leaves sagging

  • Inter leaf anti friction liners between the springs leaves to reduce friction and improve ride comfort

  • Two stage leaf pack for additional support when the vehicle is heavily laden. 

Please note: The above feature are represented as an example, some springs in our range may not have all of the above features.

 BUILD 1.8

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